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Solo show at Together We're Bitter Co- Op brewery "Dreams"

When it comes to creativity, the people at Together We're Bitter excel. I visited this brewery a year ago on a brewery tour call "Back to the future". The tour was titled as such because we traveled from the oldest craft brewery to the newest, or in other words the future of the industry in this area. At that time they were running the operation out of a house on Guelph St. They had live music a fire in the front yard and amazing beers for all. To see the progress from then to now is impressive. On opening night last Wednesday the brewery was jam packed, full of thirsty patrons! So I had to get involved with this amazing group of folks.

The first ever Solo show at Together We're Bitter Co- Op brewery "Dreams" pays homage to these crafters and the community that helps make all this happen. I'm glad that I can be bitter alongside them. Prost!! To the future!

Jason R. Piper

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