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       If you have an idea for a painting, if you see one in the gallery that is sold or that you like but is not the size you require, don’t be reluctant to speak with me. I can always work with you to create a unique alternative. Commissions are good because they allow the buyer to have more input so the painting can be personalized for him or her. I offer any colour or style within range and work with people on a wide variety of projects. If you have an idea that you may like to turn into a painting, please give me a call and we can negotiate the possibilities for your idea.  For commissions, call (519)277-7713 or go to the contact page to send me an email.


Call anytime to purchase art or for a price quote. To book a tour of my art work and studio, the hours are:
Mon-Fri   5:00 am -12:00 pm          
Sat-Sun   7:00 pm -11:00 pm
   I'm available year round to do art. Each piece’s size and shape can affect the time it may take to complete it. The complexity of the style or content may take extra time. For a time quote on an idea or piece of work or to purchase art, please contact my home studio at (519) 277-7713.

Prices & Quotes
This is an explanation of my pricing system. All prices are based on 3 main factors:
1. Cost of the canvas and/or materials and paint.
2. The time and effort it takes to complete the piece.
3. What the artist feels that the painting is worth.
I give each customer a price quote based on a free consultation by phone or at my home studio where I can create sketches to work out ideas and plan commissioned works. There we can discuss details of the piece. For all commissioned work I charge a flat rate of half the price of the original price quote up front. This is to cover initial material costs. Upon completion of your piece, I give you the final price which is typically close to original price quote. I can send it to you via your choice of delivery or we can arrange available time for pickup. Delivery cost is included in the final price. During the process I will send progress photos and converse with clients to ensure that they are happy with the work. I always say, "I want it to be the way you want it to be". For more details call (519) 277-7713.

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