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The Early Years.....


The early years Gallery contains paintings and works from my younger years (mostly prior to 2007). I included these photos to give you an idea of my progress and evolution. As an artist I strive to become better at my craft, trying new mediums and expanding my horizons whenever possible. I hope you Enjoy!   
A few examples of my earlier material...

The progress of man

The wax works

Interested in hobbies and games but are not interested in painting them. Contact me ! Im alwas interested in these side projects.

The only penguin

Title: Preminatory Tactical skills

Size: 12" x 10"

Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Date: 2006


No mans game

Green draw

The Litmus test

Sunset lovers

Title: Exiter Farms

Size: 24" x 20"

Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Date: 2004


These are 2 paddles I carved and painted.

These are moccasins i painted . the ones with the red and blue birds are the pair i sewed together.

Title: Mask of Meditation

Size: 10" x 10 "

Medium: Acrylic on mark

Date: 2006

Title: Nefertitis dream

Size: 14" x 10"

Medium: Acrylic paint on Canvas

Date: 2005


Title: Brisk out tonight

Size: 12"x 20"

Medium: Acrylic paint on election sign

Date: 2007


Title: Future gonna eat

Size: 30"x 25"

Medium: Acrylic paint, clay on drywall

Date: 2005


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