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Hand painted guitars:


I provide customers with the opportunity to customize and personalize their favorite guitars. We work together  on the transformation turning them into more than the just the average musical instrument. When my work is complete it  becomes your own personal, one of a kind expression. Make a statement at your next big show or create that conversation piece at your next band practice. With your new art piece you will be sure to stand out.
-This guitar features a full pick guard and headstock painting. I used 5 times clear coating for maximum protection.
-This painting displays the durability at 10 years old. Minor wear and tare is to be expected with use 

Electric guitars

-This piece features a requested wooded scene, headstock, personalized head stock wording. & 3 times coating

Landscape scene
-This piece features Painted pick guard with a U.F.O theme
-5 times protective clear coating

-Also including painted headstock with  personalized wording.

-also includes matching painted back plate 

U.F.O theme

-This piece features a painted custom pick guard


-5 times protective coating

-Simple yet effective use of additional customization increases the visual draw of your instrument in concert.

Abstract, pick guard

Hand Painted Bass guitars


Another great application for customization is Bass guitars. They feature the same methods of painted pick guards and head stocks.This model in particular also features gold accents on the screws and knobs. and customized painted fret dots.Make a statement at your next big show or create that conversation peice at your next band practice. With Your new art piece you will be sure to Stand out.

For an estimate send your request on the contact us page.

Abstract pattern Bass

-This Bass Features abstract patterns painted on the pick guard

-5 times protective coating

-Details within the painting contain personalized information and imagery that are know to the customer making each piece more unique. 

This Bass features painted pickguard with dragon pattern. customer requested details

-5 times protective coating 

-custom painted head stock leaving guitar brand revealed 

Dragon stylized Bass

Acoustic Guitars
-This acoustic guitar features painted pick guard
-5 times clear coat 

-again visable durability this peice is 8 years old.
Acoustic pick guards
These customized Acoustic guitar pickguards were completed to be set via mail so that they didnt have to send me the entire guitar. this is also an option for long distance orders.

-the piece on the left features a pattern of my own creation with a tribal style.

-the piece on the right features an abstract pattern

-both also feature 5 times coating

Abstract Trip guitar

-this piece features a hand painted design coving the entire front of this small trip guitar

-it also features painted headstock and 7 times protective coating for maximum durability. (this guitar is used for camping trips) 

Camp trip guitar

-This guitar has a full frontal paint job incorporating requested details. in the paint job.

7 times protective coating for maximum durability (this guitar is used for camping trips)

-as well as tribal style head stock painting

Display guitar

This is a guitar that I made as an Art piece for display. the body is my design and the pick guard and head stock is also completed in the same style as my other works.this piece only features a single protective coating due to it not be an intended musical instrument.

Drum skin art

To add to the ensemble purchase custum drum skin covers as well. This feature can add to your collection making the whole stage presence unified. Include your band name for the classic look to really stand ou at your next big show. All skin covering has been tested for durability and the same protective coating process is in use to ensure your skin last for years to come.

For an estimate send your request on the contact us page.

Drum skin cover

-this piece is a removable drum skin cover and is not actually directly on the skin itself. this is an alternative to direct coating but tends to muffle your sound slightly. what customers tend to choose more often then not is to get a secondary skin which I paint and then keep a blank alternative for regular use 

Drum skin cover (Wellington horses)

-This cover was completed for the band Welling ton horses. The band consistes of Guitarist Jon Charles, Drummer Jamie Anderson, and Bassist Patrick Ellis. The band sadly is no longer together. But Jon and Jamie have continued on to form the band From east to exit with a new bassist Brad Piper. Check out there music on you tube or goggle them for more info.

Bass - Red Kangaroo

-This Bass is title Red Kangaroo as per customer request. we worked together to come up with a unique peice for both the pick guard and the head stock.

Custom amp covers/decals

Customize your amps with any design you like. Make everything match for a more unified presence at your next big show. Amp covers are made from decorated cloth that is then added onto the amps face. 

-Also available featured just below is a side decal these add even more personalization to your amps. Add your bands name or your favorite slogan. Alwas stand out any where your band performs.

Album Cover- Vic NS "Contra Diction"

These picture feature the art work i completed for the emerging rap Artist Vic NS from Guelph Ontario. I did the background painting seen on the front and back cover. The design was Vics idea based on an african style material call kente.  the original art can be seen below. (3rd picture)

Front cover-

Back cover-

Original painting-

-Consept album (Janefield "Stone white mask")

This a photo of an album concept for Janefield album "Stone white mask" This album also features back cover and interior work for the booklet (not shown) 

Concept Album- ( T. Maertens "Lettuce jam")

This a photo of an album concept for T. Maertens album "Lettuce Jam" original done in marker and water colour paint

Album cover Lokust "Elevated mind states"

These picture feature the art work i completed for the rap artist Lokust. For this project I produced a full size peice of art incorperating the different concepts feature in the album. This consept album is about a group of people stuck on an elevator together, the songs each feature a different person views in the elevator. A awsome must listen album. 

For an estimate or for more details head to the contact page!

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