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Commisioned clothing


In this section of my Gallery I have displayed the various clothing I've made. I do custom concepts for clothing, including Logo design and imagery. I also at request can incorporate your favorite one of my paintings onto a T-shirt sweater or just about any piece of clothing you like!

Headwaters T-shirt
This design features the lettering in original stylized vines and roots, complete for headwaters class of 2007.
Hill Side Volunteer T-Shirt

I completed a few designs for them to choose from eventually ariving at the final product featured in these 3 pictures. The back of the shirt reads. A-PICK-N-AN-A-GRIN'N. LYNDA'S LOVE. In honor of the previous Volunteer co-ordinator of the Waste managment who had been leading that crew for years. Unfortunatly I never had the priviledge of meeting her but I was honored to work on such a meaningful project. Thanks again to the hillside festival for the oppertunity to work alongside such a great community event!

Hill Side Prototype T-Shirt
I created this design in 2007 to go for the hillside 1984-2008 25 year anniversary, as a prototype to see if they would be interest in me working with them on t-shirt. They responded requesting me design a shirt for there volunteers, in the waste managment, department. The blue shirt below is the end product of the process I created the design and organized the production and delivery to The hillside office. A special thanks to the hillside festival for the oppertunity to contribute to a truly amazing community event.
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