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Official Members

Doreen Piper
Cody Lorbetskie
Chris Koy
Jim Tubb
Natty Lee
Jason Piper

Phalanx Artist Guild



Jason Piper started the "Phalanx Artist Guild" as a way to help other artist. This includes 

opportunities for shows/exhibits he wants to build an honest environment to offer advice/critiques on new works/ project and support to complete projects and an environment to foster collaborations discussions and experiences that will encourage even more creative enterprises.  This becomes more acheivable with a network of artists committed and motivated to success. 


What: Phalanx Artist Guild is

     Phalanx - A group of people or things of a similar type forming a compact body (in                      ancient Greece) a body of Macedonian infantry with long spears, drawn up in close order                   with shields overlapping

     Artist - A person who produces art as a profession or hobby.

     Guild - Association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.


Who: Founder: Jason R Piper

Artist members

- Natty Lee

- Cody Loboresky

- Chris Koy

- Jim Tubb

- Doreen Piper

When: Piper will host a meeting once per quarter.  The expected goal of one show per month at a variety of venues

Where: (Piper home sudio)

Why: I believe in the healing power of creating art. My dream is to help others on their journey. 

Membership in the Artist Guild Grants you:

- opportunities for monthly shows/ exhibit

- entry into our annual Phalanx Exhibit  

- your work for sale in the Phalanx catalogue, intended for circulation in the community and abroad.

- participate in Murals 

- A feature on our website

- networking/ collaboration opportunities

- honest advice/critiques on new works

- a supportive atmosphere to build a positive team.

- Network of artists committed and motivated to succeed

Want to purchase some local hand crafted works of art? Check out our current catalogue!

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