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2017 Oct 6-7 Craftoberfest show, curated by "The Works of Jason R. Piper", Kitchener Marke

Craftoberfest: For the community, by the community. Why: Craftoberfest aims to showcase dozens of harvest and German style craft beers from your favourite Ontario craft breweries. This means wet hopped IPAs, harvest spiced beers and ciders, and plenty of different German style lagers and ales to help us get into the spirit of the season. The event will also show case art and music, with an overall theme of “psychedelic” this year, keeping with our goal to have changing and evolving themes. When: Oct Fri 6 – Sat 7 Where: Kitchener Market: 300 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2H 2W8 Phone: (519) 741-2287 We are lucky to be inside the “Kitchener Market” this year. This is great news, as we don’t have to contend with wind like last year. The event will take place on the upper level. Parking: There is below ground parking and parking on King as well as in surrounding areas around the market. What: space is limited This year our theme is psychedelic and similar to last year we will be including artist work for display/ sale. -This year we have space for Artist around 80’ of wall space. And some temporary wall space. -Tables for artist/vendors. -A couple spots we would like background music performed live -Projectors for digital art -Light effects and illusions We want to get some live art & interactive art if anyone is interested in that as well. We are looking to make a strong impact in creating another worldly atmosphere. Anything that can add to the event in that respect is an asset. Other: We need to know from all the participants what you might need for your specific install before the show. We also need details for any work of art being hung on the wall the **Participants will also enjoy a token of our appreciation during the show! Artist name: Painting name. picture for the sales book. Size, Date, Medium, Price ( If it’s for sale) for our sales invintory We will also need all works of art to be clean, and ready to hang with wire at the back.** or if not you can bring an easel for your work but we have limited space. If you need we also have tables for craft art ect. Let us know asap. Sales: This is an amazing sales opportunity. The house will run a register for all art sales. Now artists can focus on making art, discussing art and generating sales. We also need you to sign the artist contract. There is no fee for participation. In short we would love to have you join us this year at Craftoberfest as the event won’t be the same with the creative elements of our community represented! Who: TWB Co-Op Brewery Curated by: Jason R. Piper (T.W.O.J.R.P) For info contact: (519) 277- 7713 or

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