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Final round at the Brush off 2016

Jason began the "5th Annual Brush Off" strong with a bold painting captivating the audience and making it to the next round. This painting was dubbed by the audience "Murder Castle" a title being mentioned by the crowds around the auction tables.

In the 2nd round the artists were given a theme. This year’s Theme was the "Ice Age" Jason created a piece with a woolly Mammoth as the focal point obscured by driving snow. One audience member. Bridgette Cornell described her view of the painting. "The mammoth is fading into the distance just like it faded away in history".

Near the final 10 mins of this round Jason turned to the audience and requested someone pose for him, He told the gentleman to pose as if he was about to hurl a spear at the mammoth. This painting carried him through to the final round.

For the last round Jason started off with an abstract figure with a large portion of negative space surrounding it. In the final 15 mins he suddenly threw down his brushes forced his hands strait into the paint. Adding the human touch directly to the canvas, at this moment the crowd directly around him applauded in admiration of the dramatic development, as he added water creating a dripping rain effect. In the end he placed 4th or 5th out of the 20 artist to compete. All 3 of his creations were auctioned off at the silent auction. With 70% of the proceeds going to help raise funds for the museum


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