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"Belief, in paint"
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           "I have asked Jason to do a couple of projects for me and they have all come out beautifully. We are always pleasantly surprised by what Jason comes up with. I will absolutely be asking Jason for some more work in the future!"
           "Jason was a great help in designing my album cover. We kept an ongoing dialogue as he turned my unclear vision for a design into a polished painting. He worked quickly and dynamically and was very easy to communicate with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for detailed designs or illustrations!"
     Vic NS
Rap Artist


Band Art
         "We hired Jason to create album art for VicNS's album titled, "Contra Diction" . The piece was intricate and detailed. Jason was always reliable and available with his own ideas."
                                                              Chris Tallam  
-Creative Director at

~Oh Who can see where animals fly. Your next clue hidden don't question why. For if you do you chances destroyed to find a clue why click the void.

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