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Secret page

If a funny joke drops on the hidden page did any one hear it???


I wish people were not so scared of each other.

be the

You are what you eat.... Funny I keep eating money and I'm poorer than ever.........................................

Art is like God. some claim they understand it. others worship it. Still some stair at it speechless, meditative, calm. some it leads them to violence. all the words in the world could not explain it but they do try. that way the masses feel more comfortable about its menacing presence in great buildings and halls. No one will ever really understand but in your heart you love it. Even though in reality it may not exist at all.               

                                                        Jason R. Piper

Your better than I thought to get this far. Im surprised by how close you are. Under what object conceals your face. Hidden below what budda would praise. In a domain of earliest age. secrets lay upon thy page.

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